Larry Smith Works
Lake Winds
by Larry Smith

218 pgs.
The Long River Home
A Novel by Larry Smith
A family saga set in
Appalachia's heartlands.
234 pgs.
A River Remains
WordTech Press

224 pgs.
The Free Farm:
A Novel
Young lovers seek
alternatives on
Appalachian commune
306 pgs
The Kanshi Poems
of Taigu Ryokan
trans. Larry Smith
& Mei Hui Huang
Chinese, Japanese, English
167 pgs.
The Thick of Thin
Memoirs of a
Working-Class Writer

268 pgs.
Mingo Town &
94 pgs.
Beyond Rust

Novella and Stories

165 pgs.
Milldust and Roses


Ohio Valley Childhood

160 pgs.
Working It Out
A Novella
Set in Lorain, Ohio
102 pgs.
Postcards & Letters

96 pgs.

Out of Print
Kenneth Patchen
Rebel Poet in America

Rev. 324 pgs.40 photos
hard cover
Each Moment All
Poems as Meditations,
Meditations as Poems

    60 pgs.
Faces and Voices:
Stories through monologues

150 pgs.
Kenneth Patchen
an Art of Engagement

Video Program
done with Tom Koba

DVD   40 mins.
Chinese Zen Poems
What Hold Has this Mountain

trans. Larry Smith
& Mei Hui Huang

150 pgs.
James Wright's Ohio

Video Program
done with Tom Koba

DVD   30 mins.
Songs of the Woodcutter
Zen Poems of Wang
Wei and Ryokan

trans. Larry Smith and Mei
Hui Huang.
Flute by Monte Page
CD & Booklet
Tu Fu
Comes to America
Story in Poems

*Enlarged Edition
62 pgs.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Literary Biography

230 pgs.
The Pears
New Poems
64 pgs
Thoreau's Lost Journal

70 pgs.
(Enlarged 2nd edition)
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