Poems as Meditations
At the Meditation Center

I look out the windows
of the old Feick Building
onto Sandusky Bay
where fronts of brick and stone
stare back like a deck of cards,
their faces hardly changed
in a hundred years.

A serene silence spreads
over everything as evening
light comes on.  In a while
others will come to sit
on dark cushions or chairs
as candles greet a setting sun.

In the day’s quiet passing
I close my eyes, then open again,
fold my arms forward…No words,
just this—the taste of forgiveness
over everything.

Before the Gong

We just sit
not waiting or wanting
as the room softly fills
with silence.

After the Gong

We sit inside
its long vibration
till it fades
into our stillness.

The Wise Heart

Speaks to us
in acts as well
as facts.
A deep silence
opens beauty
of part and whole
Seer and seen
made one.

Rings extend
inside a tree;
a pebble drops
into a pond,
circles of motion
in endless flow,
light falls
into darkness,
sweet music
of being
among the