Larry Smith Homepage
Critic - Reviewer - Film Writer - Biographer

Poet - Novelist - Short Story Writer - Editor

Professor Emeritus of English and Humanties
BGSU Firelands College
Interests:   American Buddhism, peace making, film,
playing acoustic guitar, doing small press publishing and
editing, alternative literature including rebel poets and
writers, d.a.levy, Kenneth Patchen, Cleveland poetry
scene, Ohio and the Midwest, working-class writing, Zen
writing. Available for talks and readings and programs
on the above.

Mingo Town & Memories (Bird Dog Publishing 2020)
The Pears: Poems (Bottom Dog Press 2019)
Thoreau's Lost Journal: Poems (enlarged 2nd edition. Bottom Dog Press 2018)
Thick of Thin: Memoirs of a Working-Class Writer (Harmony Memoir Series, Bottom Dog Press 2017)
Lake Winds: Poems (Harmony Series, Bottom Dog Press 2014)
each moment all: poems  (March Street Press 2012)
The Free Farm: A Novel (Working Lives Series, Appalachian Writing Series 2011)
Mingo Junction (Images of America Series) Arcadia Press 2011
Tu Fu Comes to America: A Story in Poems. March Street Press 2010/Enlarged edition 2018
The Long River Home: A Novel. Working Lives Series, Bottom Dog Press 2009
The Kanshi Poems of Taigu Ryokan, trans. by Larry Smith and Mei Hui Liu Huang, Bottom Dog Press
Faces and Voices: Tales. Bird Dog Publishing 2006.
A River Remains: Poems. WordTech Publishing 2006.
Milldust & Roses: Memoirs. Ridgeway Press 2005; second edition by Bottom Dog Press 2005.
Thoreau's Lost Journal: Poems by Larry Smith. Westron Press, 2001.
Kenneth Patchen: Rebel Poet in America. A Consortium of  Small Presses, 2000.    Biography.
Chinese Zen Poems: What Hold Has This Mountain? trans. Bottom Dog Press, 1998.
Working It Out (novel) Ridgeway Press, 1998.
Beyond Rust: Novella and Stories. Bottom Dog Press, 1995.
Steel Valley: Postcards and Letters (Poems). Pig Iron Press, 1992.
Ohio Zen Poems with  d. steven conkle (A Twinbook) Bottom Dog Press, 1989.
Across These States (Journal Poem) Bottom Dog Press, 1985.
Scissors, Paper, Rock (Prose Poems) Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1982.
Echo Without Sound (Poems with Etchings by Stephen Smigocki) Northwoods Press, 1982.
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Poet-at-Large (Literary biography) Southern Illinois Univeristy Press, 1983.
Kenneth Patchen (Literary biography) Twayne Series, G.K.Hall Publishers, 1978

[Two docu-drama video programs, written, co-directed and co-produced with Tom Koba;
funded through Ohio Humanities Council and Ohio Arts Counci.]
James Wright's Ohio (30 minutes, 1986-1987)
Kenneth Patchen: An Art of Engagement (30 and 45 minutes, 1987-1988)
DVD double program:
d.a.levy: Cleveland Rebel Poet of the Mimeograph Revolution
(Interview with Ed Sanders/ Memorial Reading at levyfest 2005).
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The Thick of Thin:

The Pears