Appalachian Writing Series Catalog/ Bottom Dog Press
Appalachia Now: Short Stories of Contemporary Appalachia
eds. Charles Dodd White and Larry Smith
Includes: “On the Road with C.T. Savage” by Meredith Sue Willis; “The
Wife You Wanted” by Marie Manilla;  “Wild Kind” by Matt Brock; “The
Hanging” by Darnell Arnoult; “Confluence” by Mesha Maren; “Covered
Bridge” by Taylor Brown; “Obituary” by Jacinda Townsend; “Cell-Life”
by Carrie Mullins; “The Hawkins Boy” by Charles Dodd White; “White
Freightliner Blues” by Jon Sealy; “That Familiar Ache” by Savannah
Sipple; “Monkey Proof” by Rusty Barnes; “Echolocation” by Mark
Powell; “A Story to Tell” by Chris Holbrook; “Back Porch” by Chris Offutt

178 pgs  $17
Wanted: Good Family,
A Novel by Joseph G. Anthony

1948: Wanted: a good family for a Scott County, Kentucky tenant farm.
Rudy Johnson moves his young family from nearby Lexington. Only the
farm owners weren't expecting the good family to be "colored."
"Joe Anthony refuses to treat his characters with less than the respect such
complex individuals deserve, their depth and humanity so exposed." -David
Thurman Miller

212 pgs. $17
She Who Is Like a Mare: Poems of Mary Breckenridge and the
Frontier Nursing Service by Karen Kotrba
"The skillfully rendered dramatic monologues of Karen Kotrba’s She Who
is Like a Mare document the remarkable history of the Frontier Nursing
Service in eastern Kentucky in the early twentieth century...She has
brought to light a little known piece of women’s history--a story of
cunning, courage, and caring- and has done so with unforgettable imagery,
beautiful music, and love."  ~Maggie Anderson  

96 pgs. $16
The Free Farm: A Novel  by Larry Smith
"Forbidden love. Counter-culture. The shadow of Vietnam. Sexual
revolution. Social unrest. Marijuana and LSD. In this intriguing coming-
of-age novel by Larry Smith,
The Free Farm, we journey back to America’
s turbulent late 60s and early 70s…. Smith provides a unique window into
Lee’s young life that is driven by idealism, love of Emerson and Thoreau,
and devotion to his beautiful partner, who practices Zen, meditates, and
can fix cars."    ~ Laura Treacy Bentley, author of
Lake Effect
306 pgs. $17
Sinners of Sanction County: Stories
by  Charles Dodd Whit

"Sinners of Sanction County is one of the best story collections to come out
of the American South in recent times. Writing in a spare, poetic style that
fairly crackles with energy, Charles Dodd White makes his mark as a major
new talent as he masterfully explores the raw beauty and pathos of life
among tough people caught in bad situations. With this book, he has
nailed the coonskin to the wall."
~Donald Ray Pollock, author of
160 pgs. $16
Learning How: Stories, Tales & Yarns
by Richard Hague
22 Stories, Yarns, & Tales, rich in character, voice, and landscape.
"The fiction in this collection is as comforting as it is challenging, as
familiar as it is surprising, and, in all of the aspects that matter to the
serious reader of literature, it is thoroughly satisfying."
~Chris Holbrook, author of
206 pgs. $16
Degrees of Elevation: Short Stories of Contemporary Appalachia
Edited by Charles Dodd White & Page Seay
Writers include: Rusty Barnes,  Sheldon Lee Compton, Jarrid Deaton, Richard
Hague, Silas House, Chris Holbrook, Denton Loving, Mindy Beth Miller, John
McManus, Jim Nichols, Valerie Nieman, Chris Offutt, Mark Powell, Ron
Rash, Alex Taylor, Crystal Wilkinson
"From manic to elegiac to rough, raw, beautiful, and heartbreaking,  these
stories will strike the reader as both absolutely true and as unforgettable, like
the high pure ring of an ax on a cold winter morning, vibrating across distance,
hanging in the air long afterward." -Lee Smith, author of
Saving Grace
186 pgs. $17
Eclipse: Stories by Jeanne Bryner
These are powerful stories about the dignity, hope, wit, compassion, and
struggles of seemingly ordinary people in small town of Ohio, West
Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Jeanne Bryner moves beyond K-Mart class
stereotypes into deeper spaces, uncovering a complexity and variety of
working-class lives few acknowledge." ~Janet Zandy
150 pgs. $12
Rushlight: Poems  by Chris Green
Chris Green's Rushlight is a powerful new book of poems. Rushlights were
made from rushes growing in marshy ground by old-time working people
as substitutes for candles, to push against the darkness of the night. For
me, Chris’ poems light the world in a similar way. I see better in my own
dark through these brilliant poems, for which I thank this very necessary
— Gurney Norman, author of
104 pgs. $15
Blind Horse: Poems by Jeanne Bryner

"I hear the sweet drawl of country music lyric in Jeanne Bryner's poems
and the push and drive of a mountain fiddle too. Energetic and
clear-sighted, these poems are never afraid of their difficult
subjects....Jeanne Bryner is the real thing." ~Maggie Anderson
100 pgs. $8
Lake Effect: Poems by Laura Treacy Bentley
"Everywhere I look these days no poetry is being written. There is a lot of
pretend poetry, but nothing really this fine. With this book it makes it
very easy for me to say: Laura Bentley, I dub thee poet supreme.”       -
Ray Bradbury
Laura’s love of the people and landscapes of West Virginia, western
Maryland, and Ireland is evident in her work. From earth to sky, this
collection merges a lake effect of meditations that creates its own weather.
108 pgs. $14
Green-Silver and Silent: Poems
by Marc Harshman
*Poet Laureate of West Virginia
"Marc Harshman knows these people, these places, and he has the
wisdom of someone who knows when to be quiet, when to watch, and
listen, so that he can come to us and tell these heart-felt stories. These
poems earn their keep, weaving together the physical and spiritual
worlds in a landscape that can both sustain us and break our hearts."  
-Jim Daniels, author of
Show and Tell: Selected Poems
90 pgs. $15
Smoke: Poems
by Jeanne Bryner
"The poems in Jeanne Bryners Smoke reveal her to be an angel of
mercy not only in her work with patients but also in her ability to
create poems that comfort and guide us as we face universal fears:
sickness, personal and societal abuse, family tragedy, physical pain and
emotional longing. Her poems dig deep, reaching what Emily
Dickinson called the zero at the bone." - Cortney Davis, author of
Hearts Truth: Essays on the Art of Nursing
96 pgs. $15

Sky Under the Roof: Poems
by Hilda Downer
"Hilda Downer's poems in Sky Under The Roof  affected me deeply. The
poems are powerful expressions of hard truths of human life. They are
beautiful, sophisticated, brave poems that do not flinch from the
challenges of living and of writing. Grounded in details of Appalachian
life and land, Hilda Downer's poems are products of a good heart, mature
sensibility and developed talent. These poems have moved me and taught
me about things I thought I knew but didn't."
    –Gurney Norman
126 pages  $15
The Long River Home: A Novel
by Larry Smith
"In this fine Appalachian novel, Larry Smith chronicles four generations of
McCalls, their joys and sorrows, their sins and their nobility. Such regional
fiction has always been about people: their connections with one another,
their home place, their struggles to survive and to prosper. It is all here, set,
in the grand tradition of Wendell Berry and Conrad Richter, against the
Ohio landscape: its hills and its rivers, its frontier beginnings and its later
industrial development. We care about the place and its people. Finishing
the novel, we understand ourselves and our nation with a deeper
knowledge." -Annabel Thomas
232 pgs.
Soft cover
232 pgs.
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*** New in Our Appalachian Writing Series & Our Working Lives Series  ***
Voices from the Appalachian Coalfields: Found Poems
by Mike and Ruth Yarrow with Photographs by Douglas Yarrow "In
voices of the men and women who performed the dangerous work of mining
in order to power the nation through the 20th century.  Coal miners have
received little thanks for their sacrifice.  Perhaps these voices will remind us
that the remaining miners deserve support as they face an uncertain
future." ~Denise Giardina, author of
Storming Heaven and Unquiet Earth

155 pgs. 30 photos