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New Titles 2011:

   A Contemporary Classic
Awash with Roses:
Collected Love Poems of Kenneth Patchen

100 love poems by this American poet rebel romantic.

Revised re-issue of this classic collection of Kenneth Patchen's love poems
along with the story of the life of Kenneth and Miriam Patchen
told by biographer, Larry Smith

Kenneth Patchen is the author of 38 books of poetry, fiction, and art as well as one of the finest performers of poetry-jazz. This book is a thing of beauty. 

Edited by Laura Smith and Larry Smith
978-0-033087-21-7 $17  180 pgs. (Back in Print)

The Big Book of Daniel:
Collected Poems of Daniel Thompson

Edited by Maj Ragain with a Foreword

Here at last is the collected works of Daniel Thompson, poet laureate of Cuyahoga County, a poet of great heart who served the people of his community. 

Daniel's last gift to us, his life's work, what he gathered in his sixty-nine years,
over three hundred pages of poems, is this book, this big jug of honey, which you have in your hands.  Taste and see.   From the “Foreword” by Maj Ragain

978-1-933964-41-6  340 pgs. soft cover $18.00

978-1-933964-42-3 340 pgs. hard cover $25.00

 Poems of Peace and Justice

Come Together: Imagine Peace

Edited by Philip Metres, Ann Smith & Larry Smith
Introduction by Philip Metres

For those who still believe in peace.
Poems of Witness & Elegy, Exhortation & Action,
Reconciliation, Shared Humanity,
Wildness & Home, Ritual & Vigil, Meditation & Prayer

Precedents: Sappho, Whitman, Dickinson, Cavafy, Millay, Patchen, Rexroth, Shapiro,
Lowell, Creeley, Rukeyser, Ginsberg, Levertov, Lorde, Stafford, Jordan, Amichai, Darwish
Contemporaries: Abinader, Ali, Bass, Berry, Bauer, Berrigan, Bly, Bodhrán, Bradley,
Brazaitis, Bright, Bryner, Budbill, Cervine, Charara, Cording, Cone, Crooker, Daniels,
di Prima, Davis, Dougherty, Ellis, Espada, Estes, Ferlinghetti, Forché, Frost, Gibson, Gundy, Gilberg, Habra, Hague, Hamill, Harter, Hassler, Haven, Heyen, Hirshfield, Hughes, Joudah, Jensen, Karmin, Kendig, Komunyakaa, Kovacik, Kryss, Krysl, LaFemina, Landis, Leslie, Lifshin, Loden, Lovin, Lucas, McCallum, McGuane, Machan, McQuaid, Meek, Metres, Miltner, Montgomery, Norman, Nye, Pankey, Pendarvis, Pinsky, Porterfield, Prevost, Ragain, Rashid, Rich, Roffman, Rosen, Ross, Rusk, Salinger, Sanders, Seltzer, Schneider, Shabtai, Shannon, Sheffield, Shipley, Shomer, Silano, Sklar, Smith, Snyder, Spahr, Sydlik, Szymborska, Trommer, Twichell, Volkmer, Waters, Weems, Wilson, Zale

Harmony Anthology Series
ISBN 978-1-933964-22-5 Paper 208 pgs. $18.00
Our Best Seller/ *Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Award Prize 2009

Books that Capture the Cleveland Poetry Scene

Cleveland Poetry Scenes: A Panorama and Anthology
Edited by Mary E. Weems, Nina Freedlander Gibans, Larry Smith
Cultural Timeline, Articles, Interviews, Profiles.
Big 40 Poet Anthology with statements from poets.

Supported by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council
(cover design by Jim Lang, photo editor)
304 Pages/ 40 photos/
See our new book webpages at
Cleveland Poetry Archives  web page
Cleveland Poetry Scenes Chronology

"Poetry has a long and living history in Cleveland, Ohio, and this examination of its past through the lens of its vibrant present  is a treasure in and of itself. They're all here, the great ones who showed the way: Langston Hughes, d.a.levy, Alberta Turner, Robert Wallace, Daniel Thompson. They set the bar pretty high. But as the editors demonstrate, their sons and daughters carry on, bringing the word to the city's streets and universities, libraries and coffee houses."
-Ron Antonucci, Cleveland Public Library
232 pgs. ISBN 978-1-933964-17-1 $18.00


New book by Mary E. Weems

An Unmistakable Shade of Red &
The Obama Chronicles: Poems
An Unmistakable Shade of Red…is the bomb. I found so many moments, so many moods, so many insights. Yours is the voice of compassion, of elegant rage. It is country but urban-wise.
-Lamont B. Steptoe
Yes, this writer is a woman, who knows that “every mouth’s its own love language, / lust’s first cousin.” And yes, she is a black woman, for whom the eyes of Barack Obama “are so deep brown / I see blue in them, / ocean water, / bones rising, / right fists raised.” And yes, like the rest of us, she’s getting older, “hair graying in places / I shouldn’t have hair.” But beyond all divisions, she is a poet, who knows that poetry is music, and music is “the first place Black and White / came together like unwritten notes / in a jazz composition.” In these poems Mary Weems both challenges and embraces America in all its turbulence and beauty. We should be grateful. 
-George Bilgere, author of Haywire

978-1-933964-18-8   80 pages  $15.00
A Finalist for Best Book of Poetry in Ohio 2008

New book by Russell Salamon
Ascent From Cleveland:
Wild Heart  Steel Phoenix: Poems

from Freedonia Books, an imprint of Bottom Dog Press

“Russell Salamon returned to Cleveland in the summer of 2007. Did you know that the city knew he was back? On a warm August night in Tremont, while he read, birds flew overhead, the ivy grew up the walls around him. You could tell he was from the heart; you could feel the poems this book would become.”  -Allen Frost
72 pages...ISBN 978-1-933964-19-5    $14

   Big New Collection

eds. Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg

Chronology of his life and work, Biographical essays, Photographs, Interviews, Profiles, Statements, Letters, Art Work, Collage, Poems and Critical appreciations of his writing and art levy's “Cleveland Prints”
Eight pages in full color

Contributors: Ed Sanders, T.L. Kryss, rjs, Karl Young, Allen Frost, Joel Lipman, Kent Taylor, Mark Kuhar, Ingrid Swanberg, Larry Smith, Russell Salamon, John Jacob, Doug Manson, Michael Basinski, Jim Lang, and others

Book includes 2006 dvd of Kon Petrochuk’s film  

if i scratch, if i write
978-1-933964-07-3  276 pages $25

Our Way of Life


by Ray McNiece

132 pages, paper, ISBN 978-1-933964-14-0  $15.00

Our Working Lives Series

 “It's not enough for an artist to be angry. He also has to be good. And Ray McNiece is good and angry in these poems that burn as hot and bright as the extinct blast furnaces of Ohio once did. Whitman, whose ghost is everywhere in these lines, called America "the greatest poem." And I am happy that Ray McNiece's passionate, relentless voice will not stop until he has made us understand how much we have lost.”
– George Bilgere, author of The Good Kiss

 132 pages, paper, ISBN  978-1-933964-14-0  $15.00

The River's Daughter

by Terry Hermsen

From luminous evocations of childhood and place, to riddles so beautifully, lucidly obscure that they crack my mind open like an egg, to explorations of ink-blots and loves old and new, Terry Hermsen’s The River’s Daughter is filled with pleasure, challenge, and nourishment. Hermsen is a subtle, bold lover of both words and the world; he confronts their perils bravely even as he sings their joys. “Where does the world lead / when it's so lightly woven?” the title poem asks. One answer is these deftly woven, deeply imagined poems. 
-Jeff Gundy, author of  Spoken among the Trees

112 pages, paper  978-1-933964-20-1,   $15

Awake at the End
A Poet Laureates Anthology
A Heights Arts Poetry Project
with Bottom Dog Press

Both a poet laureate primer and a collection of fine poems,
Awake at the End collects the poetic output of the first three
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, poet laureates:
Meredith Holmes, Loren Weiss, and Mary E. Weems,
poets  awakened by their tenures as poet laureate.

"This anthology shows just how poetry can matter—for a community, from a community and by a community. Holmes, Weiss and Weems describe the synergy between artist and populace as they give their perspectives from "the greenest, leafiest streets" of the Heights to "the real picture, the cold gray one...where winter has us by the icicles,” from bustle of Coventry to the lawns of Oakwood, from the Lee Road Library to Cain Park, they have their ears to the streets and pens to the pulse of this diverse neighborhood that is a microcosm of Cleveland."—Ray McNiece, author of Our Way of Life
Isbn 978-1-933964-21-8 108 pgs. $14.00

Hunger Artist:
A Suburban Childhood

by Joanne Jacobson

“Magically, brilliantly, movingly, the particularity of Joanne Jacobson’s language captures the universal truths of childhood. I devoured Hunger Artist. It is a fresh and riveting memoir of the highest order.”   -Patricia Volk, author of My Dearest Friends

“In her stunning debut memoir, Hunger Artist, Joanne Jacobson tells her story of growing up Jewish in a suburban world comprised not only of new houses and bright gardens and exuberant dreams for the future, but also of frustrated longings and unmet hungers. Her prose is at once gorgeous and meticulous…”  -Richard McCann, author of Mother of Sorrows
132 pages, paper   978-1933964-11-9, $16.00

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Recent Titles:
Second Story Woman: A Memoir of Second Chances by Carole Calladine
A Life in Poems by William C. Wright
256 Zones of Gray: Poems by Rob Smith
Another Life: Collected Poems by Allen Frost
Faces & Voices: Tales by Larry Smith
Depression Days on an Appalachian Farm by Robert L. Turner
Lake Effect: Poems by Laura Treacy Bentley
Winter Apples: Poems by Paul S. Piper

Laughing Buddha Series of Books
American & Poems of Ryokan &Wang Wei

New from Our Working Lives Series
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Also Available:
 A River Remains, Poems by Larry Smith

      252 pages $20  A WordTech Selection 

                          WordTech Communications

 Larry Smith’s A River Remains embodies the waterway of its title: in these poems the world is at once evanescent and  permanent, always changing, yet always there.  A collection of large scope built mostly from brief lyrics, narratives and meditations, it stands as the most compelling work from an  already distinguished career.

"A River Remains is Larry Smith's most ambitious book, and his most rewarding; I suspect readers will develop loyalties to particular sections of the book and return to the poems in those sections again and again. Those new to Smith's work will discover the talent, skill, and insight of one of the wise elders of Ohio's poetic tribe, and those who know, and have known, Smith's work will recognize this for wat it is--his finest book yet." Robert Miltner, Ohioana Quarterly (January 2007)