Converging Paths
Sandusky Bay Meditation Center

Welcome to
Converging Paths Meditation Center

242 Jackson Street Downtown Sandusky, Ohio
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An open and safe place to sit with others.
We sit every Tuesday evening
from 7:00 to 8:15 at the center.
We welcome all to our new site:
Rieger Ballroom...242 Jackson Street
Downtown Sandusky, OH

November Retreat Photos
Advice on Doing Walking
Meditation Link

Lou Young guides you through Click for
our Shamasta Yoga Stretches
on Youtube.
A Short Video
on Converging
Ann Smith Shares a
New Gentle Guided
12 minutes
Click on Thich
Nhat Hahn's
for a short,
sweet video on
"Being Peace"
Yoga Stretches
at the Beach

Here's a short sweet video of Zen poet
Taigu Ryokan...from
Songs of the Woodcutter
by Larry Smith and Monte Page.
Some of